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Bugaboo Fox

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Bugaboo Fox

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Bugaboo Fox
To provide extra protection for your child our sun canopies are made from UPF 50+ fabric. Choose your fabric.
Black R 0.00
Our chassis is the base of your pushchair and is available in two colours. Choose the colour of your chassis.
Alu R 0.00
Padded seat fabric to keep your child comfortable. Choose your fabric.
Black R 0.00
Easily clicks on and off to refresh or restyle your pushchair. Change your wheel caps with the seasons or just to give your pushchair an update.
White R 0.00
Easily update the look of your pushchair with a new set of grips for a different season, a newborn or just for a change! Choose your grips.
Black R 0.00
The bugaboo fox carrycot gives extra protection and comfort in the first months. Choose your fabric.
Black R 2,300.00

At home or on the go, the Bugaboo Fox is designed to fit your lifestyle. Going about your day, shopping, traveling and exploring the outdoors have never been easier thanks to the smoothest ride, the lightest push, and our best driving performance yet.

nothing like a Bugaboo®

the smoothest, most stable ride on all surfaces

Advanced all-wheel suspension and big tires give a stable, steady ride on any surface; whether it’s a city sidewalk or a bumpy trail.

ultimate comfort for child

Our best drive performance yet and new central joint suspension means a smooth, bump-free ride for your child. Plus, the bassinet and seat have been ergonomically designed to make the stroller even more comfortable.

lightest push – no effort, just go

When you’re behind the stroller, pushing and steering feels effortless. Navigating corners, busy streets and tight spaces becomes a breeze; it’s like power steering for your stroller.

fabrics made with recycled materials

We believe that mobility and moving freely shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet and the people on it, so we created the Bugaboo Fox fabrics with existing materials. 92 recycled PET bottles are used to create the Core Collection fabrics for the Bugaboo Fox.
What you get:
  • base box including the chassis, seat frame and accompanying hardware, bassinet hardware, wheels, under-seat basket, carry handle and rain cover
  • bassinet tailored fabric set including the bassinet fabric and apron
  • seat fabric
  • sun canopy
  • 2 handlebar grips and 1 carry handle grip
  • wheel caps set

Bugaboo's mission

"We’ve always made conscious choices about how we design and engineer our products."

Our “modular by design” approach makes it simple to service or maintain them, and easy to refresh, replace or re-use their parts. The Bugaboo Fox is an example of the next step on our ‘designed to last’ journey. Our goal is for all our designs to positively contribute to a sustainable and respectful world by 2025.