Baby Sense Muslin Receiver

R 175.00
  • Baby Sense Muslin Receiver
  • Baby Sense Muslin Receiver
  • Baby Sense Muslin Receiver
  • Baby Sense Muslin Receiver
  • Baby Sense Muslin Receiver
  • Baby Sense Muslin Receiver
  • Baby Sense Muslin Receiver

Babysense Muslin receiver


The special muslin weave allows for natural airflow and is very soft against a baby’s skin.

Muslin is a unique fabric – an open woven cotton that allows for breathability and temperature regulation, as well as absorbs body moisture. Not only is muslin cloth gentle against your newborn’s skin, but it is also a wonderful product for warm climates, as it does not carry the risk of overheating.

  • Breathable: 100% lightweight cotton fabric with an open weave
  • Generous size: 110 X 110cm / 43 x 43 “
  • Comfy: Gets softer with every wash
  • Versatile: Works as a blanket for warmth, stroller cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and much more

why use?

  • The muslin receiver is breathable and comfortable
  • The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allows for natural airflow and helps reduce the risk of your baby overheating, whilst still providing comfort and warmth
  • The fabric is made of natural fibres and can withstand countless washes, becoming softer and better with age

why is cotton so great for babies?

Cotton is a natural fibre and has numerous unique qualities that make it perfect for baby:

  • It is natural, renewable and biodegradable
  • It breathes and controls moisture next to the skin
  • It regulates temperature – cool in summer and dry in winter
  • It is light, soft and comfortable against the skin
  • It is non-allergenic – great for kids with sensitive skin
  • It is durable, versatile and easy to care for
  • It is machine washable and dries quickly 


  • Do not allow receiver to cover infant’s face or restrict air flow.
  • If receiver is used to swaddle, ensure swaddle is not too tight by slipping your hand between infant and swaddle; it should feel snug but not uncomfortable.
  • Always place infant on their back to sleep and not on soft surfaces such as a couch, air mattress, etc.
  • Do not use receiver to swaddle when using products with restraints such as car seats, strollers, swings, etc.
  • Discontinue using for swaddling when infant shows signs of rolling over or easily breaks out of swaddle, as this forms loose fabric in sleeping environment which may obstruct breathing of infant.
  • Receiver provides no UV protection.

Seek advice from a health care professional if uncertain. Read instructions for additional warnings and recommended guidelines. Keep packaging for future reference

Baby Sense Muslin Receiver

R 175.00
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