Heavenly Safe Sleeper 140 x 70

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  • Heavenly Safe Sleeper 140 x 70
  • Heavenly Safe Sleeper 140 x 70

Heavenly Safe Sleeper 140 x 70

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Childhome Heavenly safe sleeper Breathable mattress 

M140 HSS (140cmx70cmx11cm)
The Childhome‘s Heavenly Safe Sleeper is provided with a removable mattress cover, which is washable at 60 degrees Celsius, giving no opportunity to unwanted guests, fungi or any other forms of infestation, if this cover is washed on a regular base. 
The fabric used for the cover of the Childhome’s Heavenly Safe
Sleeper is more than just a standard fabric. It’s an ultra-fine woven fabric that serves as the base for every matress in the Childhome Safe Sleeper collection. Due to the finesse of this fabric, this cover has a better air circulation than regular covers and thus also has better breathable properties. The cover made out
of 100% polyester creates a clean, healthy and safe sleeping environment for your little treasure. The core of the Heavenly Safe Sleeper mattress is made out of a high-quality and resilient polyether foam. This core serves as a firm back support, but has a very soft touch due to the ultra-fine woven mattress cover.

The core of the mattres is made out of polyether foam.

- 100% Polyether foam. (PE 21kg/m³) 

- 100% polyester, untreated. 
- Polyester is: anti-fungal, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial. 
- Detachable tick, washable to 60°c.

DIMENSIONS: 140 x 70 x 11 cm 
EN-NORM : Oeko-tex Standard 100
COMPOSITION : Core: 100 % Polyether foam
Tick: 100 % Polyester
MAINTENANCE : Removable cover washable at max 60°